An Uncommon Love Story of True-Life Fiction

About the Book

Secrets are cruel challenges.

Especially a secret God gave Sandra that not even He can accept and refuses to tolerate. Sandra is a Mormon girl, but this story is not about Mormons. It is about an explosive secret, racial bigotry, superstition, and bias toward uncommon people-a mixture with the power to transform humanity.

Humorous, thoughtful, sensual, and a gripping page-turner to the end, Sandra's Syndrome gives readers a beloved heroine at a time when humankind needs one like never before. June 8, 1978, a historic date for an entire church that attempted to end racism. For Sandra, it was the first day of battle to end separation and segregation for all special children of God ... and you won't believe the miraculous conclusion.

A love story of true-life fiction.

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Mark Merkley

About the Author

Mark Merkley is an author and retired university instructor. He has a MA and BA in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication from Brigham Young University. Mark was trained formally as a technical writer and has recently delved into the world of creative writing. He believes that humor within creative storytelling possesses greater emotional opportunity to provide readers personal understanding of characters and their experience with complex issues.

An avid reader, Mark first got his inspiration for Sandra’s Syndrome from a character in Kathy Reichs’ bestselling novel, Bones Never Lie. After spending several years cultivating the idea in his head, he decided to start writing it down two days after his retirement. It is controversial. However, religion and science must engage common ground to understand the misunderstood and accept the uncommon. That common ground is the battlefield for the victory of social acceptance and inclusion.

When Mark is not behind a computer, he spends his time playing softball and basketball, and enjoys puzzles and decision-making problems. He is also known for hosting parties and game nights for his friends. They bond over their love for travel, new experiences, fine tastes, and adventure. Love and acceptance are consistent.

“Sandra's Syndrome is a must-read for anyone struggling to reconcile the confining traditional views within America's Christian congregations and society's emergent understanding of gender and sexual identity. Powerful and provocative. You will fall in love with Sandra and Luke as they fall in love with each other and with themselves”


“WOW, WHAT A RIDE! Sandra's Syndrome is unlike any book I've ever read. It was thought-provoking, imaginative, compelling, and intriguing, all at once ... some of it did make me uncomfortable, but even the most difficult issues were capably handled in this book”


"I just finished your amazing book Sandra’s Syndrome and loved it and the important message it left one with. I believe Every prejudiced person and Every Religious prejudiced person should read this book! I was raised Catholic and taught that many things were Mortal sins and if a person was

gay or not “normal” they were sinners and going to hell! We have a gay son and love him and his partner with all our hearts❣️. I really enjoyed the characters in your story. If this was your first book Bravo 😁!

I hope you write more.

God bless you and stay healthy🙂."

- EB

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Sandra's Syndrome

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